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How healthy is your roof?

For most homeowners, your roof isn’t something you think about until there’s an issue. But age and weather are constantly deteriorating the quality of your shingles, leaving you more at risk each day for damage and leaks. We’re here to change that.


Providing Roof Rejuvenation Services for Coeur d’Alene, ID & surrounding areas

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What is roof rejuvenation?

Roof rejuvenation is a game-changing solution in the roofing industry. Think of it like preventative care for your roof that rehydrates and adds new life to your shingles. Other roofing companies simply offer repair & replacement services. But we approach things a little differently by protecting and preserving the roof you have, without having to spend thousands doing a full or partial roof replacement.

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Brad & Desiree Cleave

The Cleaves also own CDA Painting Group, a painting business in Coeur d’Alene, as well as The Stain Shop. They are proud CDA locals who love helping homeowners get the most out of their homes.


We saw how roofs were deteriorating …
and the opportunity to serve homeowners with a powerful new treatment.

Once we learned about roof rejuvenation (learn more about our superior Greener Shingles Rejuvenator spray here) and how valuable it would be to homeowners in our area, RoofRx was born.



We’ll help maintain the overall health of your roof from year to year and identify any potential issues before they become a problem. Our clients never have to wonder about their roof again!

Each year your roof doctor will:

  • Monitor hydration status
  • Look for problem areas
  • Recaulk seams
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How do I know if my shingles need RoofRx?

Most shingles 5-10 years old start to show signs of aging. We recommend using RoofRx’s rejuvenation spray before shingles curl up and become brittle to protect and preserve their quality. Please contact us for a free roof assessment so we can determine if your shingles are in the right condition for treatment.

Does RoofRx really work?

Yes! Check out our before and after pictures for examples of healthy, hydrated shingles and happy clients. Your RoofRx treatment is also backed by a 5-year transferable warranty, so you can be confident in the results.

How much does RoofRx cost?

RoofRx treatment costs only about 15% of the cost of an entire roof replacement. The average cost of treatment is $2,500, and depends on the size, pitch, access, and condition of your roof. Get started today with a free estimate!

Does RoofRx change the color of my shingles?

Yes, RoofRx will darken the color of your shingles similar to when they were new. The shingles will then lighten as the oils penetrate deeper into the lower layers. Over the years the color will naturally lighten as they dry out. We recommend RoofRx be applied every 5 years for maximum protection.

Does RoofRx help with moss and algae growth?

Yes, in most cases, RoofRx will smother and kill moss and algae growth on your roof, but we do recommend cleaning the roof first prior to treatment for best results. Our expert roof doctors can make a recommendation during your free roof assessment.

Is RoofRx safe?

RoofRx spray is a USDA Certified BioBased Product made with natural food-grade oils. The application is quick, non-invasive, and safe for pets, plants, and people.

What does the RoofRx warranty cover?

We offer a 5-year warranty on the effectiveness of our product, transferable to the next homeowner. We guarantee that your shingles will have more flexibility and granular adhesion after a single treatment and will last at least 5 years longer past their expected lifetime. Extremely aged roofs may not be eligible for treatment or for warranty.

What does RoofRx do?

RoofRx is a bio-based asphalt rejuvenator spray that rehydrates your drying shingles, restoring them to their like-new condition–rehydrated, flexible, and durable. Rigorous lab tests have shown that RoofRx reduces the effects of aging, improves granular adhesion, protects the surface, and improves fire retardancy.

How often can I apply RoofRx?

We recommend applying RoofRx every 5 years to protect & preserve the quality of your shingles, allowing you to get up to 15 more years out of your shingles.

How much longer can I preserve my roof using RoofRx?

Homeowners typically enjoy up to 15 more years past the expected lifespan of their shingles–saving you thousands of dollars in repairs or a full replacement!

What if I have solar panels or may get them soon?

No problem. Our expert roof doctors are able to spray around existing solar panels without issue. If you are planning to install solar panels soon, getting your roof treated with RoofRx will allow you more lifespan and a longer window for your solar company to install.

If I am selling my house, is there a benefit to applying RoofRx?

Yes! Aging roofs can be an area of concern for potential homebuyers, so by proactively treating your roof with RoofRx you can affordably have great curb appeal (shingles look new!) as well as effectively preserve the quality of the shingles for the next homeowner. Plus, the RoofRx 5-year warranty is transferable to the next homeowner.

What areas do you serve?

We currently serve a 50-mile radius around Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Not in our service area? Keep in touch with us–we plan to expand our footprint!

What will my insurance company say?

While each insurance company is different, most agents agree that preventative care of your shingles will save both them and the homeowner money. An inspector would be able to see before and after pictures of your RoofRx treated shingles, showing how it is hydrated, flexible, holding granules, and not curling.

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